Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Death Penalty Statistics; Update

Total prison population of Thailand: 382,895 (M 332,751: F 50,144)  2019 - 04 - 01

Condemned to death 558 (M 471: F 87)
- on drug charges 321 (M 241:  F 80)
- on other charges 228 (M 221:  F 7)
- on security issues 9 (M 9)

It is noteworthy that the majority of women are condemned to death for the opportunistic crime of drug dealing, very few for crimes of violence
For the first time, there is a category of death penalty for security issues. No explanation is provided.
In recent days there has been news of the dismantlement of a floating "seastead", located just outside the 12 mile sea limit of Thailand's territorial waters. The two owners, a male US national, and a Thai female, have fled and, to the astonishment of the world press an announcement by theThai navy claims that they are subject to a death penalty on a securiy issue.

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