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Death Penalty in Malaysia for providing free cannibis oil to patients

"Death sentence for Malaysia man who gave patients free cannibis oil"
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 death penaltythailand usually provides a synopsis  of such a story, but for some reason this site is guarded by the most extensive legal gobbledegook ever encountered. Please  follow at the above url. The image is not from this source. Only the heading is reproduced

A more detailed account of the case is available. For full detail see

Shah Alam High Court, Selangor, Malaysia
Criminal Trial 45A – 83 – 09/2015
Thursday, 30 August 2018, MUHAMMAD LUKMAN BIN MOHAMAD (HealTHCare) was convicted and condemned to death by Shah Alam High court judge Dato ‘Haji Ghazali bin Haji Cha. He was charge under Section 39B Dangerous Drug Act for possession 3.01 litre Cannabis oil and 279 grams of compressed cannabis. He was arrested at residence on December 7 2015 along with his wife who was his 6 months pregnant.
Lukman was represented by lawyer Farhan Maaruf. Farhan had argued that Lukman was not involved in any crime or a criminal that threatened national security. He was not associated with any illegal syndicates but merely collaborated with several independent organizations such as Bani Tenang dan G.E.N.G.G.A.M (Gerakan Edukasi Ganja Malaysia/ Malaysia Ganja Education Movement) that focused on educating the public on medical marijuana. The cannabis oils were intended to treat diseases and not to get high or any criminal activities as claimed by the prosecutor.  For those who were too poor to pay, Lukman provided them with free cannabis oil. All these demonstrates that HealTHCare was not a profit-making syndicate.
Lukman is in Kajang Prison, awaiting for his appeal at Court of Appeal.

Any support and inquiry from the public may contact his lawyer, Farhan Maaruf & Co at 018-566399 @ 03-64129063 @ Fax: 03-64129063.

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