Monday, January 01, 2018

2018: Salute to Philippine's Leila De Lima

While aware that there are those who believe that the campaign for abolition of the death penalty should be confined to the strict category of those condemned to judicial killing, it is the belief of Death Penalty Thailand that extrajudicial killings are to be considered as an extreme form of judicial killing. In the Philippines, President Duterte would certainly welcome a restored death penalty, and has already spoken of ten executions a day. Blocked by opposition to a restoration of the death penalty, illegal by international treaty law, he has resorted to extra judicial killings. It is our hope that in the new year he will enjoy all the benefits of legal defence when impeached for his crimes.

We salute Leila De Lima in her brave struggle and carry this report on her continued action;
From her detention quarters in Camp Crame, De Lima said 2017 was an extraordinary year, claiming she was detained on “trumped-up” illegal drug charges by the Duterte administration but at the same time gained international recognition for her fight for human rights.

“This year, I learned that being deprived of your physical liberty is never a hindrance to fight for what is right and just, but a reminder to continue living a life of purpose by promoting freedom and seeking justice, especially for the thousands killed in the war on drugs,” De Lima said.

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