Monday, January 16, 2017

Survey on Capital Punishment in Thailand

A large majority of people say the death penalty should continue to exist, and that rape followed by murder of the victim is the crime that deserves it the most, according to a survey by the National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA). The NIDA poll was carried out from January 9 to January 11 among 1,250 respondents who were aged 18 and over, from various levels of education and occupation throughout the country on whether the death penalty should be reviewed.
Asked whether the death penalty should stay, a huge majority, 87.1% said it should, only 8% said it should no longer be in force; and 4.8% were uncertain. Asked what type of crime they think most deserves the death penalty, 56.5% pointed to rape and murder; 22% mentioned repetition of serious crimes; 10.6 picked premeditated murder; 3.1% chose drug offenses; 2.48% opted for robbery and murder; 1.4% picked physical assault resulting in death; 1.1% went for corruption; 1.47% chose other crimes, such as terrorism, while 1.1% were uncertain.
Asked whether the death penalty should be executed without being commuted, 86.3% said “yes”; 11.2% picked “no”, saying that wrongdoers should be given a chance to make amends as they could have committed crimes unintentionally; and 2.48% were uncertain.
Those who picked not commuting the death sentence said Thailand’s law enforcement was not strict and leniency would only invite repetition of crimes.
Bangkok Post reporters; 16/1/2017

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