Saturday, July 02, 2016

President Duterte of Philippines initiates a rampage of non-judicial killings

Before dawn on Friday a bullet-riddled body was found in a Manila slum with a sign on it that read: “I am a Chinese drug lord,” local police said.
The murder bore all the hallmarks of an extrajudicial killing, which would make it the first of Duterte’s presidency.
Manila police district deputy director for operations Marcelino Pedroso told AFP the death was being considered a summary execution because the victim was apparently killed due to alleged involvement in drugs. He said there were no suspects.
With Duterte’s encouragement, police had already killed dozens of alleged or suspected drug traffickers in the time between his May 9 election victory and Thursday’s inauguration.

Drug crimes have been declared by the UNHCHR not to be 'most serious crimes' which might be subject to the death penalty, Besides, there is no evidence that executions are effective in controlling drug crime. Meanwhile the recently elected president of the Philippines is invoking extrajudicial killings as a measure to control drug crime. The Philippines like most Asian countries are plagued by drugs; but the Philippines is ever more plagued by extrajudicial killings. Under Duterte, drugs will certainly flourish further, and extrajudicial killings will exceed all bounds.  

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