Sunday, May 29, 2016

Indonesia Again Prepares its Executioners

This time it may be her turn to die.

It is reported that an execution squad is ready again on Indonesia's island of death where the killing field is being  enlarged. A year ago fifteen drug traffickers were executed by firing squad in macabre killings that shocked the world. "Indonesia may proceed to the next round of executions with a list of 14 death row convicts, reportedly after Idul Fibri in early July" (ASEAN setback: Forward march on the death penalty. The Jakarta Post, May 31)
President Widodo rejects the wisdom of centuries which has concluded that capital punishment is itself a moral evil which cannot deter the evil of crime. He has not only rejected the majority viewpoint of the world, and its expression in the repeated vote of the UN General Assembly for a worldwide moratorium but rejects criticism and dissent on the strength of his own conviction.
He has unfinished business from the first round of killings, including Mary Jane Veloso, the young Filipina mother whose sentence was far from being beyond reasonable doubt of guilt. How this young woman has aged over the year of uncertainty for her life.
Meanwhile he protests the execution of Indonesian women in Saudi Arabia; is he questioning the legitimacy of Sharia law?

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