Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Death Penalty in year 2015

Death Penalty executions have increased by over 50 per cent worldwide in 2015, the highest level since 1989. In its annual report on the death penalty Amnesty International attests to at least 1634 executions carried out in 25 countries. 89 per cent of these executions took place in three countries: Iran (977), Pakistan (326) and in Saudi Arabia (158). Next comes the United States with 28 executions. While countries exercising the wrath of Allah are beyond comment, a French commentator remarks that the US appears to be a country without respect for the most elementary humanist values.

The figures quoted ignore China where such statistics are classified as state secrets. But there is no doubt that China executes thousands each year and surpasses every other country in practice of the death penalty

By contrast, last year, the Congo Republic, Fiji, Madagascar and Surinam abolished the death penalty bringing to 102 the number of abolitionist countries.

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