Thursday, July 09, 2015

Mary Jane Veloso - while there is life there is hope

SEMARANG, Indonesia—Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao said he will visit Mary Jane Veloso on death row in Indonesia on Friday and also plans to raise her case with Indonesian President Joko Widodo.
Veloso was sentenced to death in Indonesia after being arrested in 2009 with 2.6 kilograms of heroin sewn into the lining of her suitcase.
She was set to face the firing squad in April with several other foreign drug convicts but was granted an 11th hour reprieve after a woman suspected of recruiting her was arrested in the Philippines. The alleged recruiter and an accomplice now face charges in the Philippines.
After Veloso was given a reprieve, the Indonesian government stressed the decision was only a “postponement” to allow time for police investigations
Huge attention
The single mother of two young children has always maintained her innocence, claiming she was duped by an international human-trafficking gang into bringing the drugs into Indonesia.
The Indonesian attorney general’s office could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.
Widodo has vowed there will be no clemency for drug traffickers on death row as Indonesia is facing an “emergency” due to rising narcotics use.
Seven other foreign drug convicts and one Indonesian were executed as planned on the prison island of Nusakambangan in late April, sparking an international outcry.

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