Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Rejection of Accusation of Bias

Dear Sir,
Mr. Barth proposes “one simple question” implying bias in favour of Australian nationals executed on drug charges in Indonesia. His charge is simply wrong. I have monitored all accessible reports on the executions and was simply unaware of the alleged bias. Most reports treated the ten condemned on an equal basis, apart from an understandable interest in nationals of the country where the reports were published, such as particular attention to the Philippina in the Philippines.

Most noted were real causes of defects in the judgements; for example the mental illness of the Brazilian national, the legal doubts on the guilt of the Philippina. In the case of the two Australians the questioning of their execution was based on the belief that they had been rehabilitated, strong grounds for the quality of mercy. Strangely, many comments by Australians themselves approved the execution on the basis of the ancient eye for an eye argument.

On the other hand may I draw the attention of Mr. Barth to the biased action of President Widodo in refusing mercy while exerting himself to seek clemency for Indonesians abroad charged with capital crimes. Better, simply, to have done with it all and abolish the death penalty for ever and for everyone.
Danthong Breen
Bangkok Post, 6/5/2015

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