Monday, October 28, 2013

Vietnam Begins Executions by Lethal Injection

The intention of Vietnam to carry our executions was blocked by the refusal of foreign countries to provide the poisons required. Similar refusal to supply the US has led to the use of one or two poisons rather than the three considered to cause a painless death. US States have also used chemicals intended to kill animals.
Meanwhile Vietnam has developed its own poisons with the result that death is "too slow".
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Politics - News Social news.Updated at 14:06 , 10/28/2013Have 3 cases of death by lethal injection( News news ) - Morning 28/10 , Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong said three cases were death by lethal injection while the remaining 684 death sentences .

Psychological processes of the first prisoners by lethal injection
The first prisoners by lethal injection is?
More than 170 prisoners from lethal injection on 27/6
Proposal backed by lethal injection for death row inmateReport to Congress morning 28/10 , the Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong said the country is still waiting for 684 prisoners sentenced to death . In the 682 it is the responsibility of the enforcement agency of the of Public Security , and 2 cases of agencies responsible for enforcement of the Army .Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong report to CongressJustice Minister Ha Hung Cuong report to CongressThe first case of death by lethal injection took place on 6/8 in Hanoi with Nguyen Anh Tuan prisoners ( 27 years old , born in Me Linh District, Hanoi - The number of detained : 2757A1 ) . This prisoner guilty of murder and robbery .After the executions are done , the Ministry of Public Security held a meeting to draw lessons for implementation. According to Minister Ha Hung Cuong , in the month 10/2013 , judgment enforcement agencies have conducted two case anymore death by lethal injection in the form of Son La and Hai Phong .In the report , the Minister Ha Hung Cuong stressed that death by lethal injection is still slow . Currently the number is rapidly increasing prison created enormous pressure for the detention , detention facilities are lacking . Currently reviewing proposals focus detained persons sentenced to death camps in southern and northern camp .
Earlier, on 1/7/2011 enforcement of criminal law has been in effect , Vietnam is no longer applicable to death by firing squad instead is lethal injection . To prepare for the implementation of this project , the Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with a number of agencies 5 base construction execution in these areas , including Hanoi .However, due to difficulties in the preparation of poisons, enforcement forces and facilities to the implementation of the death penalty by lethal injection was delayed .
After that , the Government issued Decree amending the implementation of the death penalty . Accordingly, the use of prescribed drugs for executions of 3 types : sensory loss drugs , drugs and drugs listed musculoskeletal system of the heart to stop functioning .
Each prisoner will be given a dose of the three drugs mentioned above . Injections will be transmitted directly into the veins of death and follow 3 -step process : Injection sensory loss , in the case of prisoners of consciousness is not lost until given further visual loss .Next, prisoners will be given medication lists musculoskeletal system and finally injections to stop the heart's activity .Thuy Van ( General Employees , DT )

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