Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Symbol for Abolition

Hrdefender has long been looking for a suitable image to promote abolition.

The Old Legend of the Barcelos Cock
Once, at Barcelos, a small town in the north of Portugal, a Spanish pilgrim was arrested and condemned to death for the murder of one of the townspeople. He declared his innocence but could offer no evidence in his defence. As a last wish he asked to be brought again before the judge who had condemned him. The judge was dining with some friends and before them all the man again pleaded his innocence. "There is nothing I can do" replied the judge.
Abandoned by man the Spaniard turned to the saints of his faith who inspired him to declare that the roasted cock on the judge's table would get up and crow. Everyone laughed and the feast continued. But suddenly the cock jumped up and crowed. The pilgrim was set free and the Cock of Barcelos became a symbol of faith, justice, and good luck.
We wish that the cock may crow for all prisoners condemned to death.

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